Developing skills and leadership

Webinar Program

Upon commencement of the program, participants will select from the following suggested list of webinar topics. This will give the participants an opportunity to select the topics of greatest relevance to the overall group, ensuring they gain the maximum possible benefits from the training. The list of topics will be developed further once the program has begun.

  1. Introduction to the Australian Horticulture Industry
    i.e. Understanding the Research & Development Program funded by the vegetable levy and Australian Government through Horticulture Australia Ltd; what organisation is responsible for which services.

  2. Understanding the economic environment the Australian Horticulture Industry is experiencing

  3. Soil management

  4. Water use efficiency

  5. Integrated pest management (IPM)

  6. Understanding climate change and the impacts it will have on the Horticulture Industry

  7. Measuring the carbon footprint of your business

  8. Establishing a quality assurance and environmental assurance program on-farm

  9. Understanding and building leadership skills - Part 1 (Leadership Skills & Development)

  10. Understanding and building leadership skills - Part 2 (Leadership Opportunities)

  11. Benefits of E-Resources, such as website development (inc. content management systems)

NOTE: Webinar dates to be set by the participants once the program has commenced.
It’s anticipated the first webinar will be held in August 2011.