Developing skills and leadership

About the Project

This project aims to enhance the capacity of women in vegetable/fruit growing businesses and their engagement in the Australian Horticulture Industry at the local, regional, state and national level. It will work with 15-20 women across a number of fruit & vegetable production regions and states. This will maximise the flow-on benefits to regional and rural communities and to the Horticulture Industry as a whole. The project will also establish a network of like-minded women that are passionate about their community and their industry. The women will be selected based on a range of experiences (the group will benefit from having some women that are already actively involved in the Horticulture Industry at some level), regions and cultural backgrounds, and their desire to be a participant.  

The main activity of the project will be 10 webinars (online classes) covering a range of production, sustainability and leadership topics. A suggested list of topics to be covered is available on the Webinar Program page. Each webinar will run for approx 1 hour, with an expert guest presenter hosting the class. Experts will be predominantly female, to demonstrate and reinforce the professional capacity and capabilities of women in the Horticulture Industry. Some activities will also be included in the classes (e.g. calculating readily available water in the soil, an environmental self-assessment check-list (EnviroVeg) and a carbon footprinting tool). A suitable day and time for the webinars to be run will be agreed upon by the participants at the start of the project. For participants who cannot log-in 'live' to any of the webinars, the information covered  will be provided online following each session, including a recording of the webinar and any additional resources provided by the guest presenter. This ensures that women from a number of regions are able to participate and so the participants can study at a time that is suitable to them. 

It is also expected that each participant will attend a two day conference in Adelaide, with a program to be set by the participants to suit their needs and interests as a group. The opportunity to meet one another in person will give the participants a chance to expand their knowledge and networks. This will work towards ensuring the group continues to communicate with one another following the completion of the project. At the conference the group will be able to meet with key Horticulture Industry personnel and grower representatives.